Searching for the truth through Connectedness

Synaptosearch is a freelance company started in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2024. The main activity of the company is in domains of Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and partially Software Engineering. The company’s mission is to serve with research services and consultancy.

Ongoing and Future Projects

Since end of 2023, the research projects listed below have been under preparation and consideration for future projects of Synaptosearch:

AI-generated global human language

The goal of this project is to optimize a global human language using artificial intelligence that merges different potential features of languages around the globe including containing no exceptions and ambiguities, ease of learning, intuitive written form, ease and beauty in pronunciation, expressiveness, practical in different applications such as business, literature, ordinary communication, etc.

Detecting and translating language ambiguity

Using machine translation, we aim to develop a method to detect ambiguous sentences, regardless of their semantics.

Potential applications of this project would be enhancing machine translation LLMs to detect and/or preserve ambiguity in sentences and furthermore, developing an ambiguity-free AI-generated global human language.

Enhancing and Facilitating Data Annotation for Behavioural Studies using AI

Data annotation in behavioural studies have always been a time-consuming and complex task. Minimizing the number of trials and data to be annotation while being efficient in providing the right ones to the right annotators is a complex task that can be greatly optimized b AI algorithms.

Representational Cognitive Modeling

The idea of representational cognitive modeling framework is to model cognition in relation with the real world, in terms of representation rather than computation.

The basic hypotheses in this framework is that the brain always performs simple atomic computations in between complex representations of mind.

Medical decision making based on connectedness

The goal of this project is proposing new group setup and evaluation method for ability of the patients in taking medical decisions according to informed consent. We propose connectedness to self and others as the main criteria to be evaluated during the information convey and decision making process.

Interactive search engine

The goal of this project is to propose a new version of search engine that helps the user think better and develop new knowledge and ideas by slowly opening the “information loop” existing between the user’s mind and the search results.

For more information about the ongoing projects contact us through

Services and Products

Synaptosearch provides various services to both industries and academic institutions related to interdisciplinary research.

How do we serve โ€ฆ

  • Consulting about research directions
  • Initiating research projects
  • Facilitating teamwork between scientists

What we are interested in …

  • Cognitive science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data science
  • Software engineering

โ€œWe are puzzle pieces that draw a new picture of the world all together.โ€

Behrang Mehrparvar


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