Services and Products

In Synaptosearch we provide services and products with the aim of connecting researchers together and advancing research in interdisciplinary domains including Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Software Engineering.

We are puzzle pieces that draw a new picture of the world all together.

What do we do?

Synaptosearch brings two ingredients of interdisciplinary research together


One of the main ingredients of interdisciplinary research is collaboration, communication and teamwork between different disciplines. The goal of Synaptosearch accordingly, is to provide a platform that facilitates connectedness between scholars from different disciplines. The services we provide based on this aim is listed as follows:

  • Searching for collaborators and initiating connection between scholars
  • Translating concepts and ideas from different disciplines to facilitate communication
  • Facilitating transfer of scientific knowledge from academia to industry


The other ingredient of interdisciplinary research is search for meaning. The field of knowledge has been explored by scholars and scientists throughout history. Accordingly, provide the following services related to the second main aim of our company:

  • Consultancy in providing solutions and innovative ideas
  • Suggesting directions for setting research goals and exploring interdisciplinary domains
  • Initiating research projects

Who you are?

Potential clients of Synaptosearch include:

  • Academic institutions
  • Research laboratories
  • Research-based companies and industries
  • Scientists and research scholars